When Britannia celebrated IPL with Funjabi(s)

Britannia came up with some #FunjabiFunde with their very own Baba Happy Singh during this IPL for their special Kings XI Punjab players

Objective: Executed by Jack in the Box worldwide, the #FunjabiFunde IPL digital campaign aimed at introducing Happy Sign in his brand new avatar Baba Happy Singh and establishing the concept of a Funjabi Player who plays the game in true spirit.

It was also to position Britannia as a fun spirited brand and continue Good Day’s association with the IPL i.e. Kings XI Punjab.



They began with introducing the new Funjabi Baba Happy Singh and creating intrigue about a ‘Funjabi’ on social.


After the ‘Funjabi’ concept was established, it ran into a TVC where Baba Happy Singh gives Funjabi Funde to Kings XI players. Funjabi Baba Happy Singh had finally arrived. The idea was then to popularise the concept.

Digital Execution: 

They announced the comeback of Baba on Facebook through an activity. Following which, on Twitter, they reacted to the real time user Tweets on the days of the match, telling them what a real Funjabi player is.This led to continuous conversations on Twitter, thus creating a buzz. In a way, these activities popularised Baba Singh and the concept of Funjabi. The real ‘Funjabi’ players were in the limelight thus reinstating the concept.

Britannia IPL

Digital videos followed where Baba Happy Singh gave away Funjabi Fundes to the cricket lovers who came to him with their problems.

The Funjabi Fundes were also shared through digital videos on the days before a Kings XI match.


Britannia trended for #Funjabi and #BabaHappySingh. #FunjabiFunde also trended when the TVC was launched. On Twitter, Funjabi Funde trended and was among the top 3 trending hashtags (national) for half a day. Funjabi Fundes garnered massive response on Twitter so much so that they looked forward to Funjabi Fundes before every Kings XI Punjab Match. Baba Happy Singh and the ‘Funjabi’ concept made its mark through this campaign.