10 Ways Brands can use Hootsuite to manage Social Media

Have you ever been overwhelmed by social media? You’re not alone. If you’re a brand trying to navigate the murky waters of social media marketing, here are some examples to draw inspiration from, and how Hootsuite can make each of them possible.

Timing is Everything – Schedule posts to reach your audience at the right time

A brand conversing with brands is the new way folks have fun on social media. One such instance was when Amazon strategically pushed its #AurDikhao campaign during Zomato’s new logo launch.


Perfect creativity when scheduled to go out on the right time can create magic – which is what makes Hootsuite’s scheduling capabilities so powerful for any business.

Management should be easy – Manage multiple accounts from one dashboard

Like it or hate it, but there was no ignoring it. Dove’s #ChooseBeautiful wave impacted every social media tenant. In spite of the volume of flak and appreciation, Dove’s social media team managed to stay on top of it, not only across platforms, but also on multiple accounts. Dove’s Twitter handles (@Dove, @DoveUK, @Dove_Ind) took to #ChooseBeautiful on priority.


The right queries were answered to, appreciation was reposted and trolls ignored. This comes from effectively managing multiple accounts via single screen interface – one of Hootsuite’s key offerings.

Get more from your content –Gauge trends to make your posts impactful

Oreo is so much more than awesome biscuits. Remember the fuss over the huge outage during the Super Bowl last year? Oreo nailed the situation with its (now) viral post – You can still dunk in the dark.


To have instant access to what audiences are talking about and being able to turn it around in a jiffy – not a piece of cake. A tool like Hootsuite helps you gauge trends instantly.

A team is stronger than the individual – Work as a team from a single tool

Groupon’s defense of its banana bunkers is a classic example of social media done right! The brand’s social media team decided to give its TG a good laugh with hilarious responses to every comment made on the post promoting the banana bunker. Teamwork catalyzed with spot on replies and made the episode a legend.


We can safely say it’s a relief that Hootsuite empowers the entire team to work collaboratively on one account.

Stay connected – engage your users on the go with a mobile app

Old Spice is well recognized for its “ruggedly handsome Old Spice Man” campaigns. However, there is much more to it – their extremely well managed social media accounts drastically increase their campaigns’ impact. Quick and efficient replies and consumer engagement differentiates Old Spice as a chic brand.


Hootsuite’s mobile app is a great way to reply promptly to your followers on social media, and by doing so, ensure you maximize potential engagement.

Hashtags matter–Create and measure campaigns using hashtags

Whenever Samsung tweets a mobile related tip it uses #SamsungTips to create exclusivity and brand recall. When using such strategies, wide reach is a must.


Hootsuite recently integrated with hash-tag aggregator Tag board to boost brands’ social media posts. In an era where reach keeps getting more and more inorganic – this definitely helps.

Be on top of the conversation –Take advantage of upcoming trends with analytics

When Prince William and Duchess Kate celebrated the birth of their firstborn, the entire world rejoiced with them. Tracking extensive content threaded to this happening,brands began riding the wave. Starbucks went ahead and published an image saying ‘And then there were three. Congratulations’.


To back on a trend, you need to be able to catch it before it is over. By looking at “What’s Trending” on Twitter, you can then tailor your social media strategy to get part of this traffic – and use Hootsuite’s analytics to figure out what type of content to post based on what you have seen success with in the past, as well as when users are no longer interested or engaging with the trending content.

Don’t just listen… Respond!–Turn comments and questions into engagement

Laxminarayan Krishnamurthy was presented Vim soap instead of the Samsung cell he ordered on Snapdeal. A social media post narrating his ordeal went viral. While Snapdeal and Samsung fell short in addressing the situation, HUL swooped in and gifted Krishnamurthy the Samsung cell phone.


HUL became the hero of the situation with just right social listening and calculated steps towards it. Hootsuite’s search streams allow you to see whenever someone mentions your brand or a competitor, so you can take advantage of situations just like this, as well as ensure no one else has the opportunity to get ahead of you in front of your customers.

Learn about your audience –Customize your reporting to see what your followers like

Local Banya created a food pun image; the post was a success for the online grocery site. The reason Local Banya knew they should invest in images such as this one is because they are able to analyze their previous posts and determine which had the most engagement.


Hootsuite allows you become a data scientist with the option of creating a personalized interface with data and insights into which posts and images are working to engage your followers.

Look Professional–Use a URL shortener to keep your posts clean

A good social media page has to be neat. A great example for this would be the Vodafone ZooZoos page. Short URLs, crisp content and sophisticated creatives!


A built-in link shortener is a boon for those who desire such neatness. Hootsuite’s link shortener has an added bonus of allowing you to track clicks on a shortened link as well.

To unshackle from social media jargons and focus on actual quality and RoI, one needs a tool that goes beyond the fundamental social media strategies. In the sea of tools, Hootsuite has managed to stand out.

Interested in using Hootsuite for your business? Hootsuite offers a free 30-day trial with no risk whatsoever.