Intex empowered users to become fortunetellers with #IntexWC2015Predictions

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Intex empowered users to become fortunetellers with #IntexWC2015Predictions
Intex,  announced its campaign on Feb 14th 2015 just when World Cup began with a bang. The brand leveraged the ICC Cricket World Cup league sentiments across social media platforms, kicking off the spiciest conversations across cricket frenzy fans.

Users were asked to share their predictions around the World Cup matches. In return, the fans won World Cup goodies.

Here's how Intex made the mark on all social media during the World Cup with #IntexWC2015Predictions.


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Agency Name: RedCube Digital


  • To encourage people to join the trending World Cup conversations, predict and stand a chance to win prizes, just make sure you got the prediction right.
  •  To leverage the World Cup frenzy that a major audience follows, Intex made the most of this World Cup season.
  • To increase audience engagement and brand relevance during the World Cup, thereby capitalizing on the World Cup time.


The execution was quite simple. Intex kept an eye on all the World Cup matches and fans were asked to predict a simple question around what’s going to happen in the upcoming match. A creative every day is dedicated for the same. The fans can brainstorm, take a look at past matches, and predict with all their enthusiasm and efforts that what should be the next in World Cup now. Based on the match results and the right predictions, the winners were announced.

During the World Cup Campaign, fans started sharing their emotions and expressions too around their favourite teams and players and it is great to go through them all.

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Total Reach on Facebook = 12,50,878

Total Impressions Generated on Facebook = 22,81,659

Total Engagement on Social Media Platforms = 73, 560

The platforms include Facebook, Twitter and Google+

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