Intex turns small prayers powerful by donating a rupee for each one

We are all aware of the pivotal role social media played in the Nepal Tragedy. Facebook created a button to donate, Twitter shared continuous updates, and Google created the Person finder. Instagram also had volunteer groups that updated us on the status of Nepal through images.

The sight of destruction and suffering coming from Nepal has moved Intex as a brand and so the leading smartphone brand decided to make its own contribution. Collective prayers have miraculous power to heal, hence Intex asked like-minded people to come and start sharing prayers collectively for quake-struck people.

As a mobile brand, communication is their key and obvious priority. They accentuated that through #PrayForNepal. For every prayer, Intex would contribute a rupee. The campaign  tugged on your emotional strings yet offered a sought out solution that every user could connect to. #PrayForNepal made even a small contribution seem meaningful


For every brand, it’s not only about adhering to their typical image but going beyond that. However, there is a thin line between enough and too much. With #PrayForNepal, Intex created its presence in a simple and sensitive manner. It didn’t end with just offering condolences but also, put forth a solution. At the end of the day, a consumer will feel more connected to a brand not because it was fun but because it showed its support even in fragile times.

Intex moved beyond its typical image and became almost human for a day. Through #PrayForNepal, they brought out the facts that even a small contribution counts in the long run. However, it’s just a thought, what if Intex played on popularity of the like button and contributed a rupee for every like.

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