#SaalEkShuruaatAnek: Hat tips from NaMo on social listening

If Narendra Modi were an official brand on social media, his social listening skills would have been a viral case study. If mastering social listening skills is on your bucket list – take a look at these takeaways from NaMo’s social media mechanism.


Remember Modi’s Chai Pe Charcha in 2013? He connected with numerous citizens through online streaming over a cup of tea right outside a tea stall. Integrating seamless online – offline communication, NaMo took questions on the internet.

Takeaway for brands: Cross platform marketing no longer stands true because each platform has overlapping functions. It’s time to integrate. Take the best of each – online and offline to create concrete social listening network.


As the media began critiquing, Modi government’s performance over the past one year, NaMo surprised all yet again with #SaalEkShuruaatAnek. Our Prime Minister personally answered questions on Twitter with the said hashtag, reinforcing faith in social communication one more time.

Takeaway for brands: Modi’s followers were greeted with personalised messages and each of their queries was looked into. Customers are no longer the unknown entity with whom a brand could have one sided conversations. They have a name and persona – address them as humans and listen to help.


When everyone thought radio was passé, NaMo came up with Mann Ki Baat integrating it will online engagement activities. Not only was the show streamed on internet, but Modi also took queries from the citizens online.

Takeaway for brands: No medium is dead. Use creativity and customised solutions to convert it into a social listening tool for your brand.

Interaction through Gov.in

Modi went a step ahead and became completely accessible through his official site. This empowered Indian citizens to write to their Prime Minister fearlessly and with a surety of being heard.

Takeaway for brands: Everyone likes to be heard. Put yourself out there and communicate with your TG. Appreciation is always welcome and you can always take criticism with a pinch of salt.

Grievance mechanism

While NaMo has managed to redefine social listening, there have been certain loopholes in the communication system. A number of times journalists have complained of not being able to reach out to the PM through any of the channels.

Takeaway for brands: A dead social listening tool is worst then no social listening tool. If you have a grievance mechanism, make sure it works. If consumers are just going to end up disappointed – it will hamper your brand image all the more.

NaMo on Weibo

Modi joined Weibo right before his much awaited China visit. The move invited him positive and negative responses on the Chinese networking site alike.

Takeaway for brands: Never overdo it. NaMo joining Weibo was an extremely risky move as he invited criticism on sensitive topics Indian – China issues. The debate could have blown out of proportion had the negative views taken over the positive ones. Even if you’re taking a risk, make sure it’s a calculated one.

When looked at closely, you will realise that NaMo has managed to nail social listening, just by applying right concepts and the right time. Thanks for the lessons Mr. Prime Minister. We are listening.