Social media lessons from Melt 2015 in a nutshell

Be creative; think out of the box; optimise the medium – meh! All said and done! Bottom line is that playtime in social media is over. So, think within the box or outside – it’s time to give what users want across social.

Moving beyond the dos and don’ts, we at Social Samosa get you the best takeaways from Melt 2015. Learn, customise and adapt.

Technology + Social Media = Swag

Technology has changed the way of content consumption amongst humans. Adapt technology to put across your message to the TG.

Martin Sorrell, Founder & CEO, WPP

Targeting is passe 

Consumers tend to build a physical (here meant technical) as well as mental wall, when they’re targeted too much. Stop going at them with advertisements. Communicate with them.

Huib Van Bockel, Founder, Advisor, The Social Brand

Paid marketing will not go a long way

Facebook algorithm has made it really difficult to market organically now. Which is why it might end up like television advertising. You see, media is like sex – if you have to pay for it, you’re a loser already.

Dylan Berg, Lead Creative, 72andSunny

Where’s my Dashboard?

Data analytics is not about technique, it’s about presentation.

Sunder Muthuraman, CSO Worldwide and CEO APAC at Gain Theory

Evolve into innovation officers

Social media is all about innovating. My advice to budding social media enthusiasts is to – do stuff! Unless, you don’t experiment, you won’t know your capability.

Daniele Fiandaca, Co-Founder, Creative Social