Social Samosa Tool Feature – Sqy!

About the tool!

Sqy! is a perfect Shop-Eat-Play rewards app that keeps track of all the loyalty points and brings the best deals across the preferred brands for the users. The ease of tracking all the reward points & letting the user redeem in an instant, saves them from the hassle of carrying multiple loyalty cards. Sqy! also helps the user to connect and share their shopping experience and loyalty points on Facebook.

Who founded the product/company?

Sqy! is a Mumbai based startup by IIT Bombay alumnus Ashwin Meshram, ex-investment banker Sunpreet Singh and core team with background in business analytics and management consulting. The team’s vision is to create a next gen customer engagement program by mapping consumer lifestyle and aggregating their rewards & interactions across all retail and F&B brands. The current loyalty program market is passive and exhaustive in nature and there’s a strong need for an engaging, active loyalty program that makes consumers feel connected with their brands. Thus, Sqy! came into existence.

What platforms does it cover?

From the brands’ point of view, Sqy! is currently active in F&B, retail, entertainment and e-commerce sectors. For consumers, the app is available on Android and iOS platforms, and also allowing non-smartphone users to access their loyalty points through their mobile number.

Sqy! also lets the users share their shopping experience and loyalty points on Facebook letting their friends and social circle know about their smart shopping.

Features of the tool?

Sqy! offers heaps of features to its users to make their complete process of shopping- simple and delightful! Users can receive image and video notifications for any latest launch of products, fashion, movies, etc. Brands can also update users about their latest deals when they are around the brand outlet through unique geo-fencing technology.

For brands, Sqy! enables a 24X7 connectivity with their consumers while leveraging social media and customer preferences for targeted marketing.

What analytics support does the tool provide?

Sqy! offers insightful customer analytics through a simple real time accessible dashboard that can help a business understand their customers acutely.Brands can know real-time analytics about their loyal customers such as their top purchases, spending habits, visiting patterns, likes & dislikes. Brands can cater customized offers to their new and existing users respectively from this data. From the real-time feedback collected from the consumers, brands get an opportunity to immediately act on their services. Apart from the above data, Sqy! projects the future sales and helps the brand to plan ahead for peak days.

Does it give an option to download reports?

Yes, the clients can access and download real-time reports from their respective dashboards.

What kind of sentiment analysis does it do and how accurate is it?

The traditional method of collecting feedback from consumers via pen and paper has the chances of manual error, lack of enthusiasm and breach of privacy for the consumer. Through Sqy!, consumers can simply tap the rating stars for respective features which is kept private and only the top management of the brand has the access to the report. This process is transparent and swift clearing any road blocks which were existing earlier in the traditional method.

What’s the algorithm for sentiment analysis?

Consumer’s feedback collection is a seamless process through Sqy! system. It is measured on various parameters ranging on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest). Sqy! system analyzes the feedback of the brand through a complex two-tier parameter and is measured on multiple dimensions. This complete analysis aims to assist the brand target the right customers at the right time.

What are the brands/agencies that are using this tool?

We are currently active with F&B brands such as Pizza Express, Aromas, Eagle Boys Pizza, Amore, 3 Wise Monkeys, etc. In retail, brands such as Esbeda, Killer, Addons, Integriti and many more are partnered. We have many outdoor and entertainment brands under our umbrella as well.

Pricing & Packages

For consumers, Sqy! rewards is a free mobile application available on Google Play Store and App Store. For partner brands, Sqy! works on a variable pricing model thus, ensuring an alignment with the vision of ROI w.r.t. the business interests.

Road Map

On the journey of providing a simplified and exceptional platform to the smart shoppers of this generation, Sqy! plans to introduce cross-branding loyalty point accumulation. This will enable the customers to select an umbrella group with preferred place to shop, preferred place to eat, preferred place to book tickets, etc. Sqy! will also enable the brands to track and incentivize the non-transactional behaviors of their consumers.

The Team

Being a tech based start-up, the team majorly consists of tech experts from various backgrounds of Android, iOS and Php with a combined experience of 10+ years. Our team also comprises of Business Development and Marketing enthusiasts.

Are you hiring?

All the time!