Desktop users, make way for Instagram’s revamped website

This time next week, Instagram will be welcoming you with their revamped website.

Well, the intention is to pass off the website as a lookalike of the app. This way, users browsing on their desktop won’t be missing out on much. Does this mean greater visibility for Instagram?

But, it could possibly dilute the number of mobile users, thus evening out the distribution between web and mobile.

What are these changes?

A round shaped profile picture will replace the square shaped one. The new layout will also emphasize on larger images by placing only 3 images in a row as opposed to 5. Also, the website has done with the usual grid of images above the user name. The end result is a clutter free look with no more crude edges.

All these changes call for a more user friendly experience on the desktop for sure.

Also,  It’s likely that social media time during work hours will be divided between Facebook, Twitter and now Instagram.