[Report] Maggi Crisis on social media

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[Report] Maggi Crisis on social media
This May, our relationship with our favourite noodle changed forever when a batch was found with excess lead that could cause serious damage to mental and physical health

During this difficult time, Maggi fans took to social media to express their sorrow, concerns and even support for this memorable brand. They wanted to know the truth from the horses mouth.

This resulted in about 4.43K mentions across multiple platforms; most of which were negative in nature. Among the platforms, Twitter was leading with maximum conversations around the brand.

Adding fuel to fire was Maggi's lack of initiative to address people's concerns on social media. Considering their large fan base, they could have made an attempt to redeem their image, by personalising the responses to each and every fan.

The damage has been done. Only time can tell, if Maggi will recover from this controversy.

This social media report by Simply360 will give you an overview of the kind of  conversations that took place around Maggi in the social media sphere.


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