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Social Samosa Agency Feature - First Economy

Who are we?

First Economy is the brainchild of Ateev Gala and Jigar Zatakia, a serial entrepreneur with a never-say-no zeal, both to life and work. Though we started out as a technology solutions company, we branched out into digital media as a part of our customer requirement. Since then, we have moved at a fast pace, forming many wonderful vendor relationships and acquiring more new clients. Today, digital media stands as a major focus point for us, in terms of business growth and revenues.

What's in the name?

We believe that the Digital Era has arrived, and that every spot on ground must be mapped online. Our economies are developing and converging into a Digital Economy, and this shall override everything and stand First amongst all. Proudly, we call ourselves, First Economy. This is also the vision of the COO Deepam Sheth, who is strongly optimistic about the digital revolution in India

What we do?

With our strong roots in technology, we strive for innovations to simplify our day-to-day applications. Our media arm, on the other hand, is always busy churning out great ideas to enhance the branding and media presence of our clients. Our strategists come up with the best of ideas to optimize media spends; to get our clients –more for less. And, behind the scenes, both teams are working in tandem to create a new product that could change the media planning way of the industry all together.

In terms of services, we do everything from design to development, branding, SMM to media buying. We can be your one-stop-shop in terms of web presence management.

Why we do it?

We are a young, enthusiastic and ambitious team. Technology is our qualification and media our passion. We combine our talents and interests to deliver the best to our clients.

How we evolve?

Excellence – the keyword that helps us evolve. Take small steps but well planned, crisp and clear. Believe that ‘WE CAN’ do it and just go for it. After every few steps that we move forward we look back and see what we have learnt, deliberate on how we must improve and ascertain how we would go ahead.


Social responsibility in social media

Any thing on digital has its long lasting footprint with the vast reach if internet, all big businesses want to leverage it as a medium to propagate their content. But one must be very careful, as the content, once on the web, can reach targets beyond our control, and to later rectify and wrong message, is like putting together broken pieces of glass.

Need of the hour

Rising on web presence index is the need of the hour. One must understand that managing a corporate profile is not the same as running your personal profiles. You need strategies, campaigns, right targeting and perfect deliveries.

We learned the hard way

Expectations of clients, from digital campaigns are still compared to offline campaigns. Real estate clients asking us, that if we have 200 likes a day, how many flats will get sold?

Moreover, what clients need to be convinced is that the online campaign is not a byproduct or following part of the offline campaign. No doubt they need to be a well-knit but both platforms are independent and should not be influenced by the other.

Did we just share that?

While running a giveaway campaign, we ended up spending for all the gifts as the clients assumed it to be a part of the social media budget!

They work with us


Industry as we foresee

Social Media, is a trend, it has been on a rise, and a few years from now, it may plateau. But digital media buying is growing and will continue for years. It will be an essential, obvious choice. Online is where all the targets for every campaign for any kind of product, will be, and media planning will become more difficult as avenues increase, but targeting will become niche.

A day without Internet

…is blank space. Sometimes, a few empty blanks are fine, to retrospect, rejuvenate, refresh, and re-energize.

Lastly, are you hiring?

Yes!! We are always looking out for talented, smart, like-minded individuals to bring on board and grow our team.

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