Brands have gone insane

Sukaina Meghani
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Brands have gone insane
'Get famous or die trying' taken by brands a little too seriously. After posting these, advertising team of the brands most likely must've wished to die.

With the recent Triumph ad goof up gone viral, Social Samosa takes a look at ads that managed to give everyone the jitters.

1. Triumph - Lingerie brand 


On 21st June, Father's day, Triumph international advertisement featured in 'Ceylon Today' newspaper in Sri-Lanka messed up. 'For the ladies..who pamper their dads' - this tagline attracted a lot of attention on social media websites, some being amused while others were furious.

2. FairLife Milk


This eye-boggling advertisement of FairLife was considered as sexist and can be used as an example of objectifying women for commercialisation increment. In the ad, the models seem to be covered in milk which is completely irrelevant with the product.

3. Pepsi China


In early 1960's when Pepsi was launched in China, it literally translated the slogan from English. Thus, 'Come alive, it's the Pepsi generation' was translated in Mandarin and Cantonese to 'Bring your ancestors back from the dead'. A subtle difference changed the meaning completely.

4. Kidsexchange


'' is a website in the USA which encourages people to recycle and buy things for children. Nonetheless, their logo can easily be read as 'Kid sex change' instead of 'Kids exchange'. They definitely need some space!

5. MumbaiMirror - TOI


On June 7th 2015, Mumbai Mirror posted a matrimonial advertisement clearly showing love for 'The Hindu'  of the advertiser.  This advertisement being posted in Mumbai Mirror praising 'The Hindu' took making blunders in advertising to a complete new level.

If any publicity is good publicity, actually stands true, then these ads have managed to crack the virality code.

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