Instalogue - the new Catlogue

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Instalogue - the new Catlogue
For every consumer, curiosity is already in air when it comes to a new product. But today, along with quality assurance of product, the launch pathway weighs as much importance.

Keeping this in mind, IKEA, a furniture brand in Russia created a furore when it launched its latest PS 20414 collection in the most unique way on Instagram

IKEA's intent

The clear cut aim was to launch IKEA's eccentric PS 2014 34 piece designer collection, built for an audience that was looking for pieces that required minimal space, but made a pretty picture.

Launch pathway 

IKEA created a specific wesbite for the PS 2014 collection within Instagram. Each Image block represented different categories, (for example - benches, chairs and storage ).

IKEA 2014

On further tapping the image, it was found to be tagged with the types, you could find in the particular category. Each type would link itself to a separate account on Instagram, ready to give you a detailed description of the product. It was like Instalogue for furniture.

IKEA 20142


IKEA 2014 3

The tagging feature helped create separate detailed accounts for every available products within each category.

Users could also post their experiences with the collection by tagging them with their specific Instagram name.


Numercially, this Instalogue won over 23k followers on its Instagram account. Each of the image blocks received atleast 500 likes or more.

This video will tell you more about IKEA'S 'Instalogue.'

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