Eccentric travel bloggers you want to know about

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Eccentric travel bloggers you want to know about
Travel blogging is an art, maybe more than just an art. Explorers at heart, these travel bloggers have created ripple effects and inspired many to begin a journey of sorts.
The Shooting Star

The story of Shivya Nath moved us. Traveling without a home and a backpack, this young star stands out among other travelers. She calls the world her home and moves like a nomad. Free from responsibilities at the age of 23, Shivya not only hosts worldly stories but also travel tips on her blog.


Abhi and Now

Abhinav Chandel lives, breathes and lives at various locations in the north. Currently residing in McLeodganj, he resides with villagers and localities for a couple of months, before calling another town his own. Known for his poetic posts on Instagram, he has also recently co-founded Xplorience, an experiential travel company.


Itchy Feet

Charukesi Ramadurai impresses with a decade of travel blogging with over 300 travel stories published across the world. Her anecdotes are reminiscent within chapters of international publications. Whether its food in Copenhagen or pub crawling in Dublin, Itchy feet will catch your attention until forever.

Holidays are made of this... A photo posted by Charukesi Ramadurai (@charukesi) on



Apeksha and Vishal, a married couple up the blogging quotient with an irresistible blog design, story, and photographs. The part-photo part write-up blog posts reflect a unique conversational style of blogging. Thing2gether is best defined as a storybook of their life – and that includes a lot of travel.

Wave after wave, slowly drifting! #Santorini #Greece #triptocaldera #aegensea

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Traveller Stories

Ruchika Vyas began traveling six years ago and comforts the travel enthusiasts with a single line that reads - I didn’t quit my job to travel nor did I take up blogging to enable me to quit my job, simply because I love my job. Now we can all breathe a sigh of relief. Her stories are unique and you need to go read them.


Arnab Maity

Have you written down a list of 101 things you want to do before you die? Arnab has been checking off his list since 2011 and jots down the experience on his blog. Photography takes over writing; the images are so beautiful, you will spend hours admiring them.

Different Doors

Revati and Charles bowled us over by their experiences – so uncommon. Yet another couple that emphasizes on not quitting your job to travel; they call themselves travelers by the night. If you want to get some great information on off the beaten path kind of traveling, read them now.

The Odd Traveller

Sachin is a 32-year-old guy from Mumbai who quit a successful career in PR to pursue a dream called 'The 12 Project: 12 Months. 12 Countries, 12 Challenges'. It involves him traveling in 12 countries and taking up monthly challenges. The challenges include taking 25 trains in 25 days in India, learning rock climbing in Thailand to get career lessons, searching for positive stories in Sri Lanka, learning batucada drums in Brazil, surfing in chile, walking for one month in Peru, exploring Colombia beyond drugs, scuba diving in Costa Rica, learning to cook in Mexico, learning salsa in Cuba, cycling from New Orleans to New York and practicing stand-up comedy in New York.


Rutavi Mehta is a travel aficionado and is the first Indian travel blogger to complete Rickshaw Run in April 2015. She has also stayed on 7 islands of Lakshadweep to explore marine life and ornamental fishing. She loves exploring new places, meeting new people, learning their stories and most importantly, venturing into the unknown. After about 7 years of working in the Hospitality domain, she quit her job and went backpacking around Europe at the age of 21 to discover serenity and ways of living. 

Beautiful to see #Sunset from @WatersGoa #shadesofgoa A photo posted by Rutavi Mehta (@rutaagayire) on


Chasing The Experience

Sudeep loves traveling and travels whenever possible. More suited to budget travel, he looks for chances to travel. Smart Travel is his niche as he is passionate about traveling and going to new places. This blog is started to share his experiences with others fellow enthusiasts who are Chasing the Experience.

I go crazy when I #travel #throwbackthursday #japan #okinawa #islands #ttot #instadaily A photo posted by Sudeep (@sudeepshukla) on

Trail-stained Fingers

Trail-stained Fingers is a travelogue blog that documents Ankita Shreeram’s travels in and around Mumbai, India, and the world. She is a 25-year old journalist and creative writer with freelance experience spanning ten years. Trail-stained Fingers aspires to chart a new course in travel storytelling, on the lines of Pico Iyer and William Dalrymple. So far, Ankita has covered 14 states and union territories in India and four countries in the world.


Surya S Raju, works as a Software Engineer. She realized her love for travel about two years ago. Her main intention behind travel blogging is to share her experiences regarding the places that she has visited and inspire others to head out as well. According to Surya, travel not only helps her connect with people and make new friends but also broadens her perspective about different cultures.

A travel blog of an Indian Backpacker

Lakshmi Sharath has been a travel blogger for a decade now. She quit her career in media of more than a decade to be a blogger. Her blog is not just filled with experiences but also tips on travel writing, blogging amongst others. She was the only Indian blogger to be part of an international contest organised by Citadines Europe, part of the Ascott group.

We are curating this list. If you think you should make to this list, email us on with a little story of your blog.
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