[Free Download] Social Media Strategy Review of Top Online Travel Agencies

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[Free Download] Social Media Strategy Review of Top Online Travel Agencies
Online travel agencies (OTA) that already dominate a large digital space have been resorting to social media marketing to bring about an edge in their online presence.

While all OTAs are seen following the basics of social right; the response that each one manages to garner is dramatically different from the other.

According to an in depth report on of 5 OTAs by Social Samosa, negative sentiment received by MakemyTrip and ClearTrip accounts to over 30 per cent. Also, most OTAs look at Twitter as the preferred choice of platform for sharing content.

This further explains the different approaches taken up by each of these agencies in order to build on their relationship with existing and potential online consumers. With help of data analytic by Germin8, the report helps us understand various execution models carried on Facebook and Twitter that enable online travel agencies to increase their digital presence.

These online travel agencies have been studied for a period of 30 days using the tool Explic8, a social media analytics platform developed by Germin8. The following brands have been studied:

  • Clear trip
  • Goibibo
  • MakeMytrip
  • Musafir
  • Yatra

The report reviews the content strategy on Facebook and Twitter on the following parametres:

Social Samosa-OTA

  • Monthly Timeline Chart
  • Audience Analysis
  • Buzzword Chart
  • Content strategy On Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Online Buzz
  • Service Feedback
  • Sentiment




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