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Social Samosa Agency Feature – CSIPL

Who are we?

CSIPL is amongst India’s leading website development agencies in the domestic web domain with a sound understanding of online solutions and Internet usage as well as its time-efficient processes, and transparency in client interactions have combined to build an unassailable reputation for CSIPL as a leader in the online space.

CSIPL specializes in developing websites, portals, intranets, e-commerce solutions, web/online applications, mobile app development, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, Media Buying and Search Engine Marketing.

What's in the name?

CSIPL is a Web Services company where we believe in two-way communication. Influencing customers with pro-active services coupled with our endless focus on strategy, creativity, performance, and technology.

What we do?

Innovation changes the world. We Provide professional web solutions like Web hosting, Website Designing, Web application development, Mobile App Development, Content Management, Social Media Management Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, 3rd Party Media Buying, Website Maintenance. We also provide services like redesigning of website and addition of more features like E-commerce, payment gateways, to the existing websites.

Web Hosting: We host website in-house and provide Email Hosting and Domain Registration.

Why we do it?

This should come as no surprise as the online industry is where consumers are spending their maximum time. Internet makes things more convenient than anyone could imagine. Be it searching for a holiday package, any product, looking at some report, managing data, banking, ordering things online, emailing, messaging or simply staying in touch.

The vast base of high-speed Internet users encourage businesses to innovate in order to offer an ever-evolving array of online services.

How do we evolve?

We help consumers to build creative web solutions that best suit the clients’ online objectives, such as generating revenue, publishing information, or communicating more effectively with their customers.

Social responsibility in social media

We encourage usage of social media to gain insights about public views and to host public dialogue. We at CSIPL strategically develop a social media plan. We not only ensure posh content is posted on a regular basis, but also monitor and respond to all comments and feedback that provides important insight into customers and their behavior.

Need of the hour

Social media consists of 4 different stages: Create Influence, Reward, and Amplify. It's all about discussions, communications, going an extra mile and building a strong business & reputation. Business Goals need to be clear and well communicated.

It is impossible to ignore the basics of business. We need to analyze what we want to achieve using social media.

We learned the hard way

The Internet is a crucial element of economic progress, pushing a significant portion of the economic growth. Content continues to be king marketers have embraced and accepted content as a major resource in their efforts.

They work with us

Some of our clients include names like FCML, DLF, Colorbar Cosmetics, The Beer Café and InfoEdge to name a few.

Industry as we foresee

In India 2015; 95.7% of the surveyed digitally active organizations use the medium to build communities and advocate usage while 76.1% use social media as a platform to highlight brand news. Some organizations use it for customer service and lead generation These days online marketing is indeed under transformation.

A day without the Internet

A day without the internet would be completely different; we won't be able to check emails or apps. The morning will be quiet and slow. We will be receiving numerous calls from clients for not able to respond on emails and missing active online presence

Lastly, are you hiring?


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