5 hottest social media job profiles

Saloni Surti
Aug 27, 2015 12:33 IST
When dawn pierces with a text from an enthusiastic intern, quirk is expected to dominate the day. How I wished I could write the email he sent to us demanding (yes, actually demanding) an internship. That however, was not the highlight of the entire episode.

This young chap was told by a friend of his friend who in turn heard it from some relative’s relative – that social media doesn’t pay enough. Of course because there isn’t much to do. After all, how much can one post on Twitter and Facebook.

The hilarity of the situation didn’t strike me as much as the grief of ignorance in the youth. So, budding media hot shots, this one’s for you.

Social media job portfolios, as dynamic as Tom Cruise. Well, good pay comes with work and time – so let’s not chase that for now.

Digital Strategist

This person defines how cool a brand appears on social media. The tone of posts or the kind of contests and what happens on which platforms. A digital strategist also plays a very important role in defining a company’s internal digital policy. Like creating a groups, internal networks, Facebook groups – yes, a digital strategist gets to decide a whole lot of stuff.

Content marketing expert

Recent #WeMissYouToo videos by Maggi are an example of content. Additionally, all the cool articles about people who love to eat or travel are forms of content too. If you have an artistic gene – content is for you. It could be written, video or audio.

Social media copy writer

If you aspire to write copies for advertising agencies; you will have much more fun in social media agencies. Writing tweets and posts for brands, with least words and most command, is as creative as it gets. Punny writers – look out for this profile.

Social CRM

A people’s person with social media addiction is perfect for this profile. All brands get comments, messages and tweets – social CRM will have you communicating with these users. Keeping your cool, being friendly and sometimes even funny. It might also involve dealing with the brands you work for – that is one of the best exposures one can imagine.

Social analyst

A bit of number crunching, cool stats and lots of tracking – an analyst is expected to understand minute details like clicks on every post or sentiment of the audience towards a particular brand. Hawk’s eye, knack for numbers and social networking obsession are some of the skills required for this profile.

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