Actionable e-commerce social media marketing tactics to drive sales

Ecommerce social media marketing

Looking forward to dig the soil for exploring the secrets of having the marketing strategies back in their place? Ofcourse, you do and so you are here! Who won’t like customers purchasing and placing the orders from their site?

Being a tricky situation as it is, every eCommerce has struggled through this dilemma at least once while establishing the roots in the market. Better done than said, we have here assembled some good to go social media marketing strategies for eCommerce which, if not skyrocketing your sales would at least accelerate the process!

The statistics would further boost your desire of achieving high in the sales. If the figures are to be believed from the eMarketer latest forecast for US, by 2017, $440 billion in sales would be at the eCommerce’s exposure. So how well do you snatch your share out of this huge chunk, is what the game is all about!

Enhancing your reach

Social media marketing is all about spreading your reach and creating awareness among target users governed by the same taste, likings and preferences. It is about penetrating the territory of users with the similar tastes as your product and thereby ruling the market. For this to happen, begin the process by identifying the niche markets and strategize the things properly for online penetration. This is just like when an Indian apparel eCommerce store targets western culture influenced people – obvious failure! Study your market and the areas where your potential customers reside and then work to attract them.

Personalize, promote and penetrate

These three Ps go hand in hand. The more personalized service you cater to your customers, the more you are promoting your business and penetrating the potential reach. Generate a shopping experience catering to them as per their interests and styles inspired by their previous browsing industry or their Facebook likes or other social activities. The key is to get closer and establish a personal interaction with them. Don’t you love it when you are searching for a T-Shirt and the site suggests you a matching jeans and a pair of sneakers too? Or a particular eCommerce site caters the products to you keeping in mind your ‘likes’ on social networks?

Create content with the intention to touch the heart and not the sales!

Confused? Marketing efforts aimed at just attracting more and more sales generally end up repelling customers! Create high value content that engages and interacts with the customers without making them feel so. Remember the amazon’s campaign that intended the users to share their reviews and books and CDs. Were you not compelled to review one?

Ensure smooth experience throughout all the channels

Doesn’t matter you are dealing offline via brick and mortar store or online via HTML and CSS store or on mobile or through an application – whatever medium and mode you are operating, ensure that you are providing a seamless and smooth experience right from product selection to the delivery and tracking. This is how the great experiences are built and word of mouth is achieved. And social media forms the major channel for word of mouth. Negative experiences are shared much faster on social media than the positive ones! The recent KFC issue is one such example.

The whole process is to sell to a human being and not to a robot. While the initiatives aimed at selling to the robots may fetch you the top ranks in SERPs but not the sales definitely. Take utmost care and provide your customers the same seamless and personalized experience that a buyer gets when visiting a brick and mortar store. Connect with them and bring to them the choices inspired by their tastes and preferences.


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