Demons of sexual assault attacked online – Terribly Tiny Tales



People have turned to social media to take a stand on the increasing wrongdoings against women in India. Terribly Tiny Tale, a known storytelling platform, where stories less than 140 characters are shared on social media channels, collaborated with Amnesty International India to spread awareness and encourage people to let go of the stigma attached with reporting a sexual crime with police.

#ReadyToReport was aimed at encouraging women to take the first step towards justice and teach them to say no to suffering. According to data, only 1% of the victims who face sexual violence file a report. The main objective was to bring a better change to the situation, one story at a time.


A Terribly Tiny Way

Terribly Tiny Tales, crafted five gut-wrenching tales and shared on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages which talk about women, and their struggles and victories about reporting a crime.

Tale One

A classic case of victim blaming. Or survivor, as the case may be. #him

[ttt] [Amnesty] #ReadyToReport - Tale 01 - #him