What goes viral on Social Media – Abhay Deol talking about Sex. Ofcourse!

abhay deol

Social Media is a great breeding ground for topics that have otherwise been buried in the physical society we all live in. When a celebrity comes out on social media to talk about a topic like sex, it has got to go viral. But is this the much needed discussion that needs to take place on a youth crowded platform?

Probably yes!

Abhay Deol has addressed the nation with this post, now going viral on Facebook.

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abhay deol 2

abhay deol 3

He posted this message along with a popular song on Youtube.

The youth is connecting with his statements like never before. The comments have poured in big time with all the support; as if he was speaking for the youth themselves. A long lasting attitude towards the usual conventions of the society, he has made a major impact with the Facebook post.