Festive Marketing this Independence Day - Snapdeal's innovative approach

Karthika Raveendran
Aug 23, 2015 06:16 IST
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Every brand is guilty of festive marketing. It’s no longer a unique concept or a well kept secret that brands try to integrate on-going occasions into their digital campaigns.

The latest one this Independence Day is Snapdeal’s #AzaadiKefayde campaign that was carried out across multiple social media platforms. With an intent to introduce Independence Day offers, it tried to define freedom, rather differently.

Freedom takes on a light hearted mode

In the midst of everyday situations, Snapdeal brings you out of your reverie only to introduce the latest offers, by them. Tweaking stereotypical situations, with a light twist defines the concept for the TVCs.

Both videos take on day to day incidents that we have experienced one way or the other. A closer look at the video tells you the changing lifestyles among couples today.The ad clearly displays a sense of individuality and freedom that women and men share equally now. Although stereotypical situations,the videos sheds away the pre conceived notions we have of men and women. Its subtle and unconventional portrayal of freedom brings out a new meaning of festive marketing

The off beat approach continues to reflect in the ad humour where we are left laughing particularly at the guy's expense. Moving away from typical theme based ads, these videos bring out the brand's trademark style of interpreting concepts (freedom in this case) differently.

snapdeal 1

 Game face on, on Instagram

Bitoo on instagram, a character introduced by Snapdeal leaves you to decide how his day will begin and end by putting before you, various alternatives.

The game applied the tap and tag feature to create alternative options. It was interactive, easy to play and applied the on-going festive theme in a subtle way. The game stressed less on the offer, more on being engaging for its users through its multiple options.

snapdeal 2


Snapdeal carried out two consecutive contests that gave away gratifications for the right answers to the questions that revovled around the campaign. The simplicity of the contests was the real winner because it gave the consumers the power, thus redefining freedom.

Both contests #AzaadiKeFayde #SnapdealFreedomWeek were also trending on Twitter.

twiter 3

The trend of creating campaigns around occasional festivals hasn’t seen its end yet. However, weaving in your brand ideology effortlessly into the current occasions is one thing and force fitting oneself into every occasion is another.

In case of Snapdeal through its campaign, #AzaadiKeFayde it has expressed its take on freedom in a unique way. It has weaved in its offer availabilities with the on-going theme seamlessly.

Also, apart from the theme, a campaign is also defined by how it is executed and what kind of engagement levels are being created for its users. The need to stand out amidst the crowd of festive themed campaigns is larger than ever but, a receptive brand is the real winner.

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