5 influencer marketing tips from Renault’s #LiveLodgycal

Saloni Surti
New Update
Sight of a shiny new car exhibited in a mall, with a skimpy emcee running engagement activities summarized a car launch. With the advent of social media, the mall is replaced by blogs, emcee by bloggers who narrate true experiences and engagement has only quadrupled.

Car brands often target the auto lovers with the ultimate drive swag. Renault however, decided to trap the travel bug with their #LiveLodgycal campaign, conceptualized and executed by BlogAdda. Associating with a theme much above the product, BlogAdda’s influencer marketing campaign displays a few tricks here and there.

Spot the trendsetter

Not every blogger/influencer is a trend setter. Even among the bloggers are a few hawks that catch the trend whilst in making and then influence the influencers. With its #LiveLodgycal campaign, BlogAdda made Renault spot the early influencers – bloggers who form a trend which other influencers later adapt to.

Stemmed from the need to drive traction around Renault’s recently launched MPV Renault Lodgy, #LiveLodgycal invited BlogAdda’s Indian Blogger Community to review the car. Winning bloggers were then engaged in an offsite activity in Goa. Is there a blogger who will refuse this? The focus was on timeless experience.

Increase the shelf life

Owing to the constantly changing dynamics on social media, a hashtag or campaign has a very limited shelf life. Renault’s #LiveLodgycal extended its life by cross promoting the whole concept amongst bloggers and other social media platforms. The experience that was spread over 3 days meant more than just a car launch.

Tangible online extension

While videos compensated for the sound and visual elements of television advertising, touch and feel barriers restricted social media marketing from enhancing outdoor solutions. However, with Renault’s #LiveLodgycal word play, BlogAdda manages to create tangible extensions to the blogger outreach campaign.

For instance, blogger teams had to come up with funky terms inspired by different features of the car. Ranging from Drivolodgy, Whooshter to LodgicallyCrazy – creativity flew in words weaved with car features creating an extremely vivid bridge.

Setting the travel bug free

Most brands limit themselves to blogger reviews during a product launch. However, BlogAdda asked the bloggers to document their Goa journey through #LiveLodgycal lens. This helped bloggers create utility content that would attract travel enthusiasts, further expanding its audience. It is raw, real time and organic.

Impact over popularity

A blogger might have thousands of followers; however, the engagement quotient might boil down to a few hundreds. While #LiveLodgycal invited bloggers creating a seamless reach, picking up winners who leave more impact, took the campaign to an all new level.

From the new buzzword blogger outreach or influencer marketing, BlogAdda campaigns have now evolved into tangible touch-points helping brands move beyond blatant outdoor activations.

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