Social media tips for Bookworm-ers

social media tips_bookworm-er

There’s a book in every bag you carry or you are caught scrolling down pages on the Kindle; you plan a visit the local bookstore every time you travel eventually buying more books than you can read – signs of a loyal bookworm.

You just can’t enough of them. Just as you finish off a book, comes another one to lure you. As a book worm, you can now share your crazy obsession on social media where you will find people across the globe that share your passion and perhaps inspire a few others towards a whole new habit – reading.


Create a book reading club page, share your reading lists among each other. Discuss and debate over authors. Create a library among yourselves.

Reading room, Grammarly, BooksbyWeight are a few Facebook pages usually every reader follows.

“Quiet people have the loudest minds.” —Stephen King

Posted by Grammarly on Friday, August 28, 2015



Send out live snaps of any book reading session you are attending, giving everyone a glimpse of the author and the anticipated book.


Post pictures of books/ create a short video to describe the books that has been just delivered after ordering online or bought from a bookstore. This in a way will add a few new authors to somebody’s list by default. Later, add a short review in the comment section.

Follow publishing houses and authors – sea of content awaits you.


Create a video via Vine to talk about a new word every day, on how it can be used in other contexts. These can be learning videos, especially for children. Hold regular reading chats with an assigned hashtag to talk about the latest books.


Create an exclusive blog for book reviews where you review books across various genres – old and new. Create a tab for recommendations.



Interview a local celebrity within your vicinity, who holds a vast reading lists across genres to her/his credit and can talk about the experiences associated with reading. ( the first book, favourite book, favourite line).


Use your display picture to share quotes from your favourite author/books to create a sense of intrigue among your contacts.

You will almost be a professional bookworm-er after all these activities. The ROI for this might not reflect monetary-ly but you would have created longer reading lists among several book wormers along with reiterating the joy of reading them. Let’s not forget the ones you might inspire to read after all.