SWIPEing with Meerkat

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Periscope and Meerkat have been fluttering on social media but very few brands have tried marketing on these platforms. Nevetheless, SWIPE recently used Meerkat for its blogger event.

Meerkat Motive

Accompanying the aim to increase the popularity of live-streaming videos in social media SWIPE, wanted to engage its audience using new forms of technology to launch their new handset ‘ELITE’ amongst tech bloggers.


Meerkat allows you to live-stream to all your Twitter followers without the need for them to download the app; it was easier to get attention of Twitteratis that in return increased the outreach through bloggers who attended the event. During the live-stream, SWIPE also managed to answer the queries and highlighted their new operating system. Live tweets that complimented Meerkat stream helped engage new audiences on Twitter and the bloggers present at the venue


SWIPE managed to get a total of 156 viewers from across the world watching the event on Meerkat. The event garnered a total of 621,984 Impressions through brand, blogger and influencer tweets. With a first of many upcoming technology adoptions towards creating new content, live streaming performed well in that direction by SWIPE.

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