The Glitch launches micro-content digital service – Content Engine

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micro-content digital service
Content Engine is an initiative by Glitch to create micro-content specific to the platform it lives on basis of user behaviour and usage nuances. So with a Snapchat supporting Vertical video, Facebook has allowed gifs to come in and Instagram with its 15 seconds canvas, it’s changing the way users consume content across these platforms.

Explaining more about the initiative, Varun Duggirala, Co-Founder, Glitch, says, “It’s a combination of a team of experts in the field of video, design and platform strategy who understand the eco- system and the user behaviour of each of the platforms and develop content specific to them to deliver high organic engagement.”

Adding more about Content Engine, Rohit Raj, Co-Founder, Glitch, says, “Content engine rolled out early this year on a trial basis for a few brands to test things out and the results showed phenomenal increase in engagement across platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp. 15 sec Instagram posts for Lakméduring Lakmé Fashion Week (Winter/Festive) 2015 delivered more than 17% engagement. Perfetti and Facebook tied up for an experiment with animated posts earlier this year and the results showed a drastic spike in organic engagement across the platform.”

Currently Content engine is open to all brands across platforms and delivers content across mediums including animated gifs, Short videos, cinemagraphs as well as designed product shoots for images.

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