[Infographic] The echoing effect of IoT on social media

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Sep 14, 2015 12:27 IST
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Impact of IoT on social media (1)
Have you imagined a world, where your refrigerator tweeted out its need for repair and you attended to the necessary problem just in time. This could be highly possible with the domination of IoT  increasing as the days go by.

This new form of IoT could create a ripple effect across sectors, companies,  and most importantly across the social media sphere. IoT could change the face of social media, and help you re-imagine the power of the platform on a larger scale. Because of its data driven nature, it can enable brands to understand their consumers, on a whole new level and connect with them on topics they wish to talk about.

The infographic below talks about the impact of IoT on social media.


iot infographic-01



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