#KitchenBattles: A 'soul'ful approach towards influencer outreach

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Influencers create reach. But influencers challenging influencers creates virality. ADF’s #KitchenBattles creates a ripple effect with a combination of exclusive content and sharability factor.

With #KitchenBattles, ADF aimed at creating buzz around the brand while creating a chain reaction. ADF invited a series of food bloggers who had to participate in a chain of dares (given by one blogger to another) that revolved around whipping a lip smacking dish using a secret ingredient and ADF products.

The bloggers then had to share a video of them whisking that dish on their social media pages while nominating another food influencer with a different ingredient.

Gastronomic execution

The 20-day long campaign was supported by agile social media nexus. #KitchenBattles was used to create a buzz around the contest.

Creating pre-buzz, ADF launched a teaser video that played on the people’s boredom towards repetitive food. It gave the consumers a glimpse of kitchen battle in the making, creating a stir around the campaign.

The teaser was backed by images that associated food with emotions, such as vengeful broccoli and aggressive bell pepper.

Soul will help you turn everyday ingredients into kitchen masterpieces.Stay tuned to find out how!

Posted by ADF Soul on Monday, August 17, 2015

Preview of the campaign managed to rake 11 million impressions with 2000+ tweets on the hashtag #KitchenBattles.

To add more spice to the heating war, ADF crowdsourced the ingredient to be used for the video challenge from Twitter users. Once tweeples gave their final verdict, the element was frozen upon and accordingly an avatar was created for the challenge.

For instance, twitterati selected tofu for and hence her avatar bore a Japanese look and feel.

Simultaneously the influencers created an extension through implied conversations on their personal timelines.

Exclusive content

Utility content is one of the biggest hits when it comes to Food & Beverage industry. Cooking hacks, recipes and kitchen time savers work out well for F & B brands relying on content marketing.

With #KitchenBattles, ADF managed to create exclusive content for their users, giving them a new recipe with every challenge.

The chain effect

Picture this: one influencer accomplishes a challenge and nominates another influencer, inversely nominating all its followers.


Influencers challenging each other left a much stronger mark, increasing the virality and shareability of the campaign.

It’s time to go beyond gratification

In a sea of hashtag contests, a small gratification in a limited time period contest is the most prone to the fatalities of a Twitter death.

Thus, a long-term challenge working on a reality show dynamics breathes in a much require dash of fresh air. Also, gratification gives the opportunity to create loyalists out of the winners; however, with this pattern, ADF managed to create an ambassador amongst the follower network possessed by every influencer.

In a comparatively conservative spices and pickles industry, ADF’s social media approach going beyond the axioms of digital marketing for F & B. Once concluded with the right fervour, influencer video challenges could be the new norm.

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