#NiceHeadache: Is this the beginning of a new social revolution?

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Nice headache
#NiceHeadache, a social crowd-sourcing campaign that is doing its rounds online, is nothing short of awe-inspiring. The post, created by Ram Subramanian aims at crowd-funding legal fees to fight laws that “screw with our rights” in a court.


FROM US TO THOSE WHO GOVERN US. Since I put up this post, few friends questioned, "why are we not doing it now?"... "...

Posted by Ram Subramanian on Monday, August 3, 2015

It started as a simple Facebook rant by Ram, a thinker known for his films, philosophy and innovations, but soon got viral as netizens resonated with the thought and urged him to create the platform himself.

Ram tweaked the idea, asked users who agree with his post to say ‘yes’ and tag 10 other Facebookers in the comments section to spread the message.

Facebook users embraced it and supported the cause with open arms. The main objective behind this campaign is “to get a sharper understanding of the mood of people, just to see if the idea is worth investing time and energy in” says Ram.

“We are slowly becoming aware of our collective power as a race, we are entering an exciting era where democracy will be re-defined, it is inevitable because of the internet, crowd-funding and an upward spike in the collective intelligence and frustration of our society,” Ram opined.

Ram created the famous Mute viral-campaign, started the first Velfie movement in the world and DearNeighbour Movement for peace between India and Pakistan. He was also an advisor to Arvind Kejriwal before Delhi elections where he conceptualised and created some highly effective campaigns that led to their historic win.

“Everything I have done so far, I have done with my own money, for causes that I believe in. Problems become my canvas and I use creativity to paint beautiful solutions that solve it. This #NiceHeadache campaign happened out of the blue and is growing to become one of my finest pieces yet, I have ideas which I will reveal over the course of time. For now, all I can say is that I am happy with the response from people. It’s comforting to know that others care too and are already pledging their money to the cause even before it has started.”

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