IoT apps making daily chores social

Sukaina Meghani
New Update

Mankind has never been satisfied with what is and is always on the hunt for what next; this attitude led them to witness sci-fi come alive with Internet of things.

IoT for getting users to calculate how much they ran to sharing it on social media. IoT for data. IoT for travel. IoT for convenience. The technology boost redefines daily shenanigans and their place in the social world.

Medisafe Meds & Pill reminder

This app is specially designed for people with a lot on their mind or on their medicine boxes. It helps manage the pills and reminds the patient to take them at the given time.


Cyclemeter This bicycle tracking app is said to collect a lot of data; an advanced app for all the cyclists out there and also one of the most accurate apps that the App Store has to offer. Cyclemeter-app-screenshot


Runtastic PRO

Users no longer have to keep a track of miles they ran, instead just let Runtastic take charge. It can be used for both outdoor and indoor cardio.


My baby’s beat  This state-of-the-art app takes internet of things to a completely different level by making the to-be-mother feel her baby’s heartbeats! It is based on an algorithm that taps into the smartphone’s processing and capturing capabilities baby-beat-app

Daily water free

Daily water reminds users to drink water according to their activity level and body type. It is useful for users who are oh-so-caught up in their daily chores that they forget to sip water; the app also offers useful tips.


Images of change

It puts Earth in the palm of the user’s hands and helps witness speedy transformation of the planet caused due to human activities, climate change and other natural disasters by offering before-and-after, side-by-side images from glacial retreat to urbanisation.


 GoodGuide GoodGude successfully guides its users towards buying right product for the right price at the right place. It immediately gives information about the product keeping in mind the safety and social responsibilitythereby, making the user shop faster and smarter. Good-guide-app


For everyone who gets lost in the parking lot, this app has proved to be beneficial for them. No more getting lost in the parking lot thanks to this innovative app that help’s the user find their car with ease and so, just park and forget.



Read2go is a reader app that is made for senior citizens and readers with print disabilities. It also gives them the access to Bookshare's online library.



Shop savvy

This is one must have app for all the shopaholics out there. It helps users save time and money while finding best sales from their favourite stores. It is useful for the user to compare the prices of the same product. Isn't this a great way to shop?


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