3 cathartic social media marketing lessons for start-ups from Evan Spiegel

What started as Picaboo to become Snapchat, is a peregrination that not only redefines social media, but stands as a ray of hope for start-ups around the globe. Evan Spiegel, CEO, Snapchat shares metamorphic social marketing lessons for start-ups.

Change the very axioms

Nothing is set in stone; earth was believed to be oval once, wasn’t it? Spiegel shares that Snapchat is what it is because redefined the role of an image in the social ecosystem. Images were not treated as tools to save memorable moments, but mode of communication instead. People wish to communicate in non-text formats and that’s what Snapchat helps them in.

Never forget the role of offline media

In a candid conversation, Spiegel shared that they handed out flyers in a mall near his home, asking consumers if they would prefer disappearing photos. The general answer to it was no, howbeit, created awareness around the app.

Any activity on social can be pushed offline with little or no cost, provided a game plan for the same is in sight.

Online customer acquisition

While bigger brands sift budgets to attain reach for their content, start-ups need to invest in customer acquisition for TG enhancement or increased app based downloads.

Spiegel expressed that online customer acquisition costs have increased and this is a good metric for entrepreneurs to look out for.

Spiegel expressed his opinions at Jio Economic Times StartUp Awards.