Intex plants a magic tree to win their social game

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Ever had something that you wished for from a very long time but didn’t get a chance to see it come true? Intex is all set, with its magic wand to make such wishes come true. 

Bringing a unique spin in the lives of their customers and fans, Intex aimed at exploring wishes of their followers, while working hard on bringing some of them true with #IntexWishTree campaign. 

Intex tried spreading positivity, gold and enthusiasm for building engagement with user-generated content. 

The concept revolves around planting a wish and watering them with likes, comments and shares and collecting points. The wishes which will get maximum points will show in the top feed and out of those wishes Intex will fulfill a few doable wishes.


With #IntexWishTree the brand has been able to create engagement on both Facebook and Twitter. The followers have to send their wishes on Intex’s micro-site. The wishes that get maximum likes and shares would be shortlisted by Intex and the one with most points would then come true.

The campaign till now has received about 11.73K post clicks and around 19K likes on Facebook. The number of shares, likes, comments speak how well the campaign did.


Intex has managed to create the right amount of engagement with their positive social media contest and make their audience jump with glee. Till now Intex has managed to garner more than 100 wishes ranging from house for their families to Intex smartphones. The wishes has garnered over 18, 000 likes and the brand reached out to more than 380k people.


In addition to hardcore numbers, Intex has managed to create a positive sentiment around the brand. The whole idea revolves around planting a wish and then nurturing it, till it comes true. A number of users were seen not only sharing their most sacred wishes, but also appreciating the whole initiative.

Needless to say, social media has helped Intex reach out to a larger audience and Facebook turned out to be the Holy Grail of marketing for them comparatively.

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