Lifebuoy's #HelpAChildReach5 sets a new social milestone

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After Gondappa, Chamki is the most touching campaign that Lifebuoy has launched. Using real-life experiment, the hand washing brand managed to touch chords and help spread the awareness regarding the pros and cons of using a hand wash.

Chamki campaign displays the journey of a to-be mother and educating her on the benefits of washing hands with a soap. The objective of the brand is to get their audience to share the message and help children reach the age of 5 years without any diseases or suffering.

In most Indian villages, washing hands before eating is still alien. Lifebuoy is trying to default the thought in the minds of people thereby, turning their lives upside down for better.

Samir Singh, Executive Director, Hindustan Unilever, said, “We are excited to release this film and take the hygiene message to where it matters the most. The Help a Child Reach 5 campaign started in Thesgora, a village in Madhya Pradesh that has one of the highest rates of diarrhoea, and showcased remarkable results. We now impact child health at a very large scale in partnership with the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation.”

The campaign has started foaming across social media platforms already with the hashtag #HelpAChildReach5. Chamki is the voice of every child who might not be able to reach the age of 5.

Lifebuoy has been promoting the campaign across its social channels. The initiative has managed to save more than 250M lives across the globe so far.

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