Pinterest to take you everywhere with location data


The popular picture bookmarking website is helping you capture location data most likely to generate additional revenue for the company and invite marketers to use the platform and enhance the user-experience.

From now on, every pin will show where it lives on the map and will also include contact information, store hours, reviews and directions.

After achieving a number of loyal users, Pinterest now wants to be a favoured discovery engine for travel. Pinterest is now upgrading its ‘Place Pins’ feature that will open up location data for about 7 billion pins.

With Travel the fastest growing and one of the  interests of Pinterest users, this new feature will increase Pinterest’s monetization options.

With just one click on the picture, users will now be able to check out the reviews and visit the relevant local websites of the places they’d like to visit. It will also recommend the users other places nearby or places that have been viewed more often comparatively.

For now, Pinterest is getting its location data pulled via Foursquare. This new feature rolled out for iOS users first and will be available to Android and desktop in the coming weeks. According to FastCompany, the top pinned places on Pinterest include Morocco, Japan and Italy.