[Video] A blogger questions industry’s pricing standards


Blogger and influencer, Naina Redhu released a vlog questioning undervalued payments accepted by bloggers from brands and agencies. Blogger outreach is a rather new phenomenon and still suffers the impediment of inconsistent payments.

In her vlog, Naina shares her queerness over an established blogger accepting a project that demands considerable efforts at a meagre price of Rs. 5000.

Each blogger maintains individual rates and packages depending upon their reach and degree of influence over their followers. Nonetheless, new entrants are often seen accepting projects at much rates much lower than the industry standards.

The vlog also brings to light the issue of over pricing by established bloggers. While a blogger might charge Rs. 40, 000 to Rs. 50, 000 for a post and certain social push, ways to calculating RoI on this kind of an investment are extremely limited.

Is it time for the industry to come together and create collective solutions that work well for both brands/agencies and bloggers? Blogging is no longer considered passion; it is a hardcore business stream with investment and RoI. How does one function, when there is absolutely no consistency in terms of pricing or the services offered against them?