Berger Paints added more colours on social media with #DiwalipantiDobara!

Sukaina Meghani
New Update
For this year’s Diwali campaign, Berger paints collaborated creativeness, talent and colours together making their activity not only unique and interesting but also entertaining.


The main purpose of the campaign was to increase the engagement of the brand with their audience and to colour social media platforms by plugging in creative artwork and fun. Inviting the users to participate on their user­-friendly microsite, the colourful brand once again offered a fascinating virtual experience for their audience. The activity also focused on promoting Berger color palettes and textures.

Creative execution

The activity is rolled out on social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Berger paints has hosted a contest that encourages the participants to express their creativity with #DiwalipantiDobara with their unique artwork on the app. They also shared a demo video for participating in the contest on their YouTube handle.

The participants are allowed to create a maximum of 10 entries and submit one of their best artworks. After sharing the artwork on social media platforms, the participants are asked to send them as greetings to their loved ones.

The criteria for choosing the winner is creativity and the number of votes they receive on their artworks. The winner of the contest could win a brand new iPhone 6s and other exciting vouchers!

Bright and shiny results

The app created for the contest is user-­friendly and helps in bringing out the creativity of the participants in a unique yet simple manner. Sharing the artwork on social media especially the voting phase helped in spreading the app by inviting other friends to join the activity and participate in the game.

In less than 10 days, the response received is phenomenal and remarkable. There are at least 260 tweets with the hashtag #DiwalipantiDobara and many tweepals are seen participating in the contest. Encouraging digital flair, Berger paints not only adds colours offline but also online!

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