[Event] #SamosaChat on state of influencer marketing in India

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[Event] #SamosaChat on state of influencer marketing in India
Influencers deem a crucial role in the current digital marketing scenario. In spite of more and more brands hopping the influencer outreach bandwagon, influencers continue to be mis-valued.

Instances of influencers not being paid have been way too high in the recent past. Not to mention the constant tug of war while deciding the terms of engagement between brands and influencers. Call it lack of consistency norms or tilted industry dynamics, influencers are often found at the receiving end.

In a bid to rationalise elements of influencer marketing in the industry, Social Samosa organises #SamosaChat, a medium for the entire industry to come together and coin solutions.

#SamosaChat will be organised on Twitter on Wednesday, November 18, 2015 between 3 PM to 4 PM.

The chat aims at discussing important elements such as terms of engagement, quantity over quality, RoI on influencer outreach campaigns and criteria for picking influencers. The Twitter conversation aims at creating awareness and shedding inhibitions or misconceptions around influencer marketing.

Twitteraiti can share their questions, opinions and views by addressing it to @Social_Samosa with #SamosaChat.

Influencers can be called as the digital brand ambassadors. The new wave of digital marketing calls out for a new wave of influencer dynamics. Be a part of #SamosaChat to usher in the new era of influencer marketing.


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