[Live Blog] #SamosaChat on Influencer Marketing

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[Live Blog] #SamosaChat on Influencer Marketing
Play time in influencer marketing is now over. With brands and influencers banking on this digital marketing method – we at Social Samosa come together with the industry to streamline influencer marketing further.

3 PM: Samosa Chat on Influencer Marketing commences.

3.12 PM: 1st Question goes out

3: 12 PM: Discussion on measurement of RoI on Influencer Outreach begins

3:24PM: Conversation intensifies

3:31 PM: Brands need to stop chasing superficial numbers

3:34PM: The second question goes live

3:38PM: Highlighting the state of Influencer Marketers in India

3:46PM: The influencers are starting to share their personal experiences

3:50PM: Third question goes live

3:52PM: Discussion about what is real influence

3:54PM: Discussing the parameters related to the Selection of Influencers

3:58PM: Discussion regarding the payment for Influencer Marketing and Newbies

4:00PM: Fourth question goes live

4:04PM: Parameters for selection of Influencer

4:10PM: Quality v/s Quantity

4:13PM: The last question goes live

4:18PM: The need of regulation

4:20PM: The Chat comes to an end.

The chat brought about many different aspects of Influencer Marketing.

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