#ItStartsHere in Hyderabad with Ratan Tata and KTR with THub


Increasing bustle-scuttle on social media platforms, THub successfully got the attention they were looking for. In a well-executed social media strategy, #ItStartsHere tried to showcase the beginning of a new era of the start-up revolution.
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Leveraging Ratan Tata’s and Kalvakuntla Taraka Rama Rao’s association with the THub, the main objective of the complete activity was to promote the fact that #THub is India’s largest incubator for start-ups on digital platforms.

They also aimed at generating buzz about the inauguration event and promoting it at the same time.


Promoting the snippets from the inauguration event on social media, the activity got influencers talk about #THub and spun conversations around it.

Building community base and conversations around start-ups, the brand managed to showcase THub as the biggest start-up incubator in India.  Core idea of the campaign was to build a community base and create conversations around start-ups. The brand targeted pupils between 21 to 40 for the same. 

People present for the event got to meet Ratan Tata, Minister KTR and uploaded pictures with the #ItStartsHere, thus creating buzz and organic content.  



With more than 15k video views, the activity managed to generate more than 10k tweets with around 472 users participating and it doesn’t just stop there, #ItStartsHere trended in India for about 8 hours straight and also in Hyderabad.

The campaign reached out to more than 4L people on their facebook page during launch, generating 7 M impressions on their social media handles.

#ItAllStartsHere garnered 815 tweets, with a reach of 567, 923 and created 7, 467, 857 impressions.

THub managed to create buzz amongst start-up entrepreneurs through the campaign.