8 golden rules of influencer marketing

Saloni Surti
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8 golden rules of influencer marketing
Influencer outreach campaigns can get indeed confusing; to follow the trend or to map your own individual way out? Either way, it needs to be a well-planned strategy based on a few set ground rules.

Influencer marketing isn’t merely banking on a person’s image to achieve a particular objective. It’s more about entrusting an individual with your brand, establishing them as a trusted authority in their area of expertise.

How do you select the right influencer? What will be terms of engagement? How do you define success in the campaign? How to become an influencer in the first place?

To make influencer marketing comparatively fail-safe, here are 8 rules that one can bank on.

Find influencers in your industry

There are famous influencers and then there are relevant influencers. Search for influencers by topic or the TG you want to engage with. Rely on tools for connecting with the right influencers. Do not go to random influencers just because they’re popular.

Understand the different between influencing and advocating

Influencing and advocating are two extremely different things. For instance, you might have a huge following for your SEO skills – and you’re big on animal rights. But when you post about animal rights, it might not influence your followers. You’re just advocating for a subject you’re passionate about.

Own your niche

Knowledge on a particular industry or beat isn’t enough. Get hyper-local. Focus on minute things. How much will a particular trip cost? Where to take pit stops? Which route has more trees? You literally got to be the best.

Don’t confuse reach with influence

It’s not about the number of followers. It’s about the right followers and the kind of impact you create on them.

Do what works for you; not your peers

It’s easy to walk on the footsteps of an established influencers. But their strategies and tactics might not necessarily work on your followers. Instead, try different techniques – experiment in your own space and then figure out the right way.

Don’t underestimate the importance of community

Every influencer has a loyal set of followers who subscribe to their newsletter and share and retweet everything. The community of these influencers shouldn’t be ignored. Cater to their needs.

Be Genuine, Accessible, and Responsive

Users expect to have a direct connection with the people they look up to and follow. It doesn’t imply replying to every comment, but be engaging. Show your human side once in a while.

Be patient

Becoming an influencer or being able to leverage influencers is a discipline that requires being patient. You could offer best of content and yet it would have limited reach. Be patient, you’re work will eventually speak for yourself.

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