Do you think you’re an influencer?

The best advertising isn’t advertising says Ajar Ahem. Advertising and marketing have evolved from the days of ladies jiggling on the tune of Washing Powder Nirma. Trustworthy experts, connecting millions through their passion for a subject are now used as content vehicles to spread a message. These vehicles are influencers and the question is, are you amongst them?

It’s not the number of fans and followers that makes one an influencer. It is the kind of impact you have on them, the quality of impact and of course how much your followers act basis a feedback or recommendation by you.

The engagement ratio of your blog, Twitter or Instagram handle, Facebook page or any other social account makes you an influencer.

So, we ask you once again, are you an influencer?

Asian Paints in association with Social Samosa, gives a shout out to Decor & Interior Influencers – it’s time to pat your back.

Indian Decor Influencer Awards (IDIA) is a window of opportunity to get your name on the Wall of Influence.

One who decorates their canvas with a chaos of words and sheer passion for decor and interior makes the most eligible candidate for IDIA. What counts additionally, is the ability to add value for brands or anyone who wishes to reach out through your reach.

Were you able to disseminate content successfully? How did it help the brand or the cause that you were vouching for?

If you fit the bill, do not think twice, as here stands your chance to appreciation and acknowledgement. No influencer needs fame; you already pride yourself for that.

Here is how you can participate in IDIA; if you have a friend who is too busy influencing to enroll themselves, you have a chance to nominate them as well.

Quality influencing is a rare gift; those who possess it deserve an applause.