Exploring #IDIA categories further

First edition of India’s first ever Decor Influencer Awards is out and running. An initiative to confer home and interior decor influencers with much deserved recognition and appreciation! Influencers put in their heart and soul to function as active new age content distributing mediums, returns on which are a lot of times compromised.

With Indian Decor Influencer Awards, Asian Paints and Social Samosa strive to fix the lopsided industry dynamics by offering a window to influencers in this space.

If you’re an influencer in the decor and interior space, don’t think twice; it’s time to get your name on the Wall of Influence. You can also nominate a friend, who, you think deserves to win this.

While you can take a look at award categories here, we give you a snapshot of two of our most prominent categories.

Decor Twitterati of the Year

Being a Twitter influencer is lot different and harder than being any other kind of influencer. Along with a command over language and expertise in your field, it requires you to express your soul stirring thoughts in 140 characters. A challenge not many are blessed to conquer!

Anyone with the knack of sharing their passion for decor and interior in 140 characters is legitimate to nominate themselves for this category. A decent following with a healthy engagement score matters! Twitter nerds, this is your proud moment!

Innovative Decor Star

Be it outside the box or within – it has to be different! And not cliché different – jaw dropping and hair raising different; something that makes the jury go – woah! Interior and decor influencers with an innovative streak – this category is dedicated to you.

A campaign that you did in ways no one else thought, or a simple post done with engaging discrepancies – innovation in every form is appreciated.

Give yourself a pat on the back for never trying to fit it – because standing out is what you truly excel at.

IDIA is a brave attempt towards giving a platform to interior and decor influencers. Join in and sign up. It’s time to make a difference.