A look at prominent #IDIA categories

An ode to Decor and Interior Influencers, Asian Paints Indian Decor Influencer Awards (IDIA). The much awaited initiative is all about proffering influencers with the gratitude they have earned and deserve.

IDIA spans over various categories covering all social media platforms. Love for social media, combined with an eye for decor and interior, and of course – influencing abilities, is what one requires to be named on the Wall of Influence.

A few categories you should know about…

Decor Instagrammer of the Year

A picture speaks a thousand words and, an Instagram post speaks at least a million! The reach and potential of the platform makes one an solid influencer. To have a loyal following on Instagram with a mighty reach is a feat in itself.

Latest decor and interior trends chronicled through images on Instagram is what we’re looking for. Marketing to disseminating content – apt use of Instagram can make you the winner of this one.

Best Women’s Decor Blog

A shout out to the fairer sex – if you pride yourself for being an influencer in the decor and interior space, fill out the submission form right now!

Your blog has to be a narrative; a testimony of your love for decor and interior. A splendid description of latest trends in the fitting and furnishings space, or the best colour scheme for the study – your knowledge about the beat is as important as your art of language.

IDIA 2015 has 10 categories in all. Each one represents an import element of influencing in the home decor and interior space. For elaborated details, visit the site.