Top Social HR takeaways from #ideapreneurship

Job opportunities are spotted on LinkedIn and Twitter, interviews take place on Skype, and candidate hunt happens on social networking platforms. Social HR has evolved from a trend to a norm. In a Twitter chat organised by HCL Technologies, industry honchos explored the future of social HR.

Here are top takeaways from #ideapreneurship, decoding social HR for better application.

Trending in Social HR

Apart from a basic candidate hunt, Social HR is now edging towards more evolved techniques such as employee referrals and digital hackathons.

Facebook, WhatsApp or Blab conversations with prospective candidates could soon be the new thing.

Attracting millennial

Brands need to be transparent, flexible and show and tell their beliefs so people know what to expect. Companies have to develop ecosystems that not only attracts but also retains millennial and thrives.

How to better existing Social HR strategies?

Increasing spends on employer brand and marketing will help in attracting fresh talent and giving them a view of the rich work culture. Internal brand is as important as external marketing.

Best way to go about Social HR

Start treating hiring process like a SaaS product and observe every small detail of the funnel. This shall help in getting the best out of your social HR efforts.

Tips for freshers

All the budding professionals, look at what and how social media savvy influencers are doing; watch – learn – experiment – implement! Be the best, to achieve the best.

Social media is now a way of life. Leveraging it to its optimum level for hiring the best of young lot is only natural.