Why influencers deserve recognition?

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Why influencers deserve recognition?
What does it take to be an influencer? Knowledge, writing skills, social media skills, photography skills, editing skills (basics at least), reach (obviously), and finally good communication skills. Pfft, being an influencer is so simple! Why would they deserve recognition!

The work done by influencers has been concrete, in spite of which, recognition that they deserve gets lost amidst the chaos of multi dimensional social media strategies.

If one wishes to understand why influencers deserve recognition, they first need to comprehend the efforts invested by them in a single activity.

To begin with, any average Joe with some thousand followers is not an influencer. They don’t stand for anything or haven’t mastered any stream – they’re mere noise creators.

A true influencer is someone who invests in knowledge. They are experts of sorts who understand their beat of specialisation. So, when an influencer takes up a project or considers taking up a project – they research every single fact about it! They take up your proposition and better it.

What began as a marketing brief is now splendid content that the end users can relate to. This is the power of influencers and its all the more remarkable in industries such as decor, where a new vision is required with every upcoming trend.

"Our lifestyle has changed drastically over the last few years. Indians are eating better and dressing better. But the home hasn't changed or evolved at the same pace. A lot of education and hand-holding is required in the interiors and home space, and these influences are helping make Indian homes beautiful, much like our vision,” said Ashish Goel, CEO & Co – Founder, Urban Ladder.

Apart from their time and knowledge, a brand or an agency directly leverages the influencer’s relationship with their followers. Followers that they have been nurturing, educating, and entertaining since their first post went out.

“They are the movers and shakers who help determine current and future trends. I love the fact that most of them inspire their audiences to do-over or decorate their homes themselves, by giving them easy to attempt ideas, helping in choosing the right products, matching the right pattern with the right textures or colours. They also help a support home-grown designer which is always important,” shared Sneha Ullal Goel, Managing Editor, ELLE DECOR.

Most of these talented folks are doing everything, from conceptualising, to styling and execution, to photography, and explaining the idea in detail pretty much on their own. In a magazine or online publication, there are separate teams looking after each of these phases.

If start-up entrepreneurs are appreciated for doing it all by themselves, influencers definitely deserve the same.

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