10 couple bloggers who give serious relationship goals

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10 couple bloggers who give serious relationship goals
Not to be dramatic, but life can be a tad (read, a lot)!But the journey called life can be a lot better when you end up with someone likeminded; and these couple bloggers reinstate faith in this axiom.

The Fighting Couple

Happy New Year Fighting Couples! #smile #photooftheday pic.twitter.com/pXD4G7RhAq

Fight a lot with your partner? No worries! Mike and Lucy’s travel fight tales will put the cute in fighting couples right back. Relationship ideas, exotic locales – these two have it all covered.


Organic Pizza, Salzburg, Austria

Posted by Thing2gether.com on Monday, December 28, 2015

With Thing2gether, Apeksha and Vishal share their dramatic journeys and adventure tales while building a dream life.

SandeepaChetan's Travel Blog

Happy New Year! These kids had cracked the secret of being happy in the middle of absolutely nowhere. A worthy thought to hold on to at the beginning of the new year.#IncredibleIndia

Posted by SandeepaChetan's Travels on Friday, January 1, 2016

Courtesy different backgrounds, travel was the only factor that bought these two together for a life long journey. What started on their honeymoon in Coorg, is now a full-blown travel blog.

The Tales of a Traveler

Two imperfect souls trying to make life perfect in their home while creating memories from around the world – Swati and Sam share their travel tales with a hint of spice. Young House Love

Nonna visits are the best visits. ❤️

Posted by Young House Love on Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Sherry and John chronicle 7 years of their lives across three homes with two kids on their blog. From decor tips to life experiences, Young House Love has refreshing content.

Refine Us

We start a 21 Day journey to an extraordinary marriage tomorrow! It's not too late to join us and several hundred...

Posted by RefineUs Ministries on Thursday, December 31, 2015

After a victorious battle, Justin and Trish managed a successful marriage. The blog aims at helping those who’re groping in the dark with their story.

Peanuts and Pretzels

Life's all about perspective. And wow, is that a stunning travel photo!

Posted by Peanuts or Pretzels on Friday, January 1, 2016

As cute as the name, Peanut & Pretzels is the journey of Josh and Liz who inspire others with their love for travel.

A Cruising Couple

Happy New Year! A little less than an hour for us here in Costa Rica until 2016! ;) Hope everyone is ready for their best travel year yet! ;)

Posted by A Cruising Couple on Thursday, December 31, 2015

Dan and Casey describe themselves as lovebirds, world travellers, and adventurers extraordinaire. The two have been together since they were young and naive; what’s there to say next? Their travel journey can be truly inspiring.

Travel Twosome

The "Vijaya Sthambha" or "Victory Pillar" in Chittorgarh in Rajasthan is stunning. Read on....

Posted by Travel Twosome - Insights from a Wanderlust couple on Friday, December 25, 2015

Age is just a number; Brinda and Poorna have been travelling from the past 20 years. This Indian couple has travelled in all directions and loves to share their stories.

Captain and Clark

Two souls bonded together with the love of travel! Tawny Clark and Captain Chris narrate the most amazing of their travel stories through their vlog.

Sharing life with someone who understands you is lovely but living with someone who shares your passion, now that’s even better. Couples who have a common interest or passion can bring something new and beautiful to life just like these couple bloggers. That’s a life dotted with adventure!

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