#DunkThatJunk a fresh approach towards clean India


The main hope of a nation lies in the proper education of the youth – Erasmus. Understanding the importance of connecting with the next gen, MTV’s #DunkThatJunk managed to draw the youth’s attention towards cleanliness, bringing about a change at the very root.

#DunkThatJunk is a part of The Junkyard Project by Parle and MTV. The idea of the campaign is ‘could dirty be transformed into beauty?’ Much like anything else that Vdoes, #DunkThatJunk is a stylish and fun attempt at making our nation a litter free one by tapping all the right spots.

The ripple effect

In an attempt to make The Junkyard Project a household synonym to cleanliness, MTV coined #DunkThatJunk – a classy way do away with the junk, making surroundings cleaners and greener. The idea was to get creative, go crazy and spread some red while dunking junk in the bin. How would you discard that piece of trash in your own way?

The hashtag picked instantly with celebrities such as Shahrukh Khan, Sunny Deol and Varun Kriti urging users to #DunkThatJunk in their own unique way. The trend soon picked up with the mango man going all out, sharing their own crazy Dubsmashes.

Followers soon started posting videos of shooting paper balls in the junk in the most innovative ways.

The channel further created a ripple effect by asking its followers to challenge their friends in outdoing them. For every 10 videos, MTV donated one dustbin.

Creating wide nexus of the campaign MTV got paramount youth idols to take the #DunkThatJunk challenge, inspiring their followers to do the same.

To set the ball in motion, MTV also released creatives of iconic figures such as the Hulk and Santa Claus dunking the junk to transform dirty into beauty.

What worked well?

The youth-centric campaign managed to hit the bull’s eye by communicating with the millennial in their language. While the campaign promoted clean India, it was not preachy or clichéd. #DunkThatJunk urged youth to show their skills in the process of discarding junk, thus, passing on the message subtly.

Instead of taking the cut and dried influencer approach, #DunkThatJunk took an organic route, giving followers an opportunity to idealise their role models.

It also avoided treading the usual way of stressing on the medium or making a contest completely about the ‘challenge.’ #DunkThatJunk kept the users at core, giving them a chance to enjoy themselves while making a difference.

According to Keyhole analytics, the hastag has managed to create a reach of 5,323,093 with 17,303,720 impressions.

Following MTV’s DNA of making all stuff fun and cool – #DunkThatJunk take on clean India with a fresh approach.


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