KRDS India launches “KRDS Story Analysis Tool”, an exclusive tool created to help brands identify the most engaging Facebook posts for a given industry

Made accessible to all brands and agencies, KRDS SAT (Story Analysis Tool) provides brands with a report unveiling community management efforts being made by other brands on Facebook in real time in India, Singapore & Hong Kong .

The tool calculates and ranks the most engaging posts on a chosen period of time via a specially created “KRDS SAT Score” (based on the number of fans, likes, comments and shares for each story) and highlights posts from  more than 400 brands and 17 industries such as telecom, Fashion or Finance.

SAT automatically highlights the most engaging posts by putting them on top of the Page, making it easy for brands to discover which stories are performing the best.


Commenting on the launch, Senthil Anand, Head of Account Management @ KRDS India, said, “Most of the tools currently available in the market provide a “page-centric” analysis, while with the KRDS Story Analysis Tool, we have decided to offer brands a more “story-centric” analysis, much more valuable to brands. The tool is a great source of inspiration for marketers looking for engaging stories.”

So far, the KRDS Story Analysis Tool is available only in Asia, but it will shortly be launched across the Globe accessible only to brands.


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