[Live Blog] Follow all the action of #IDIAwards here

The wait is finally over. #IDIAwards finale is now in action. Winners across categories will be announced in a matter of minutes. To join the fervor and help us paint the Wall of Influence, tweet @Social_Samosa with #IDIAwards.

Meanwhile, here is where you could keep up with the action.

3 PM: The glittery event commences

3:15 PM: Excitement rising…

3:22 PM: Winners getting congratulated

3:27 PM: Winner of Rising Decor Star of the Year revealed

3:32 PM: And it’s time for the winners’ thank you speech!

3:33 PM: Runner-ups for Innovative Decor Star of the Year are…

3:37 PM: Winner of the Innovative Decor Star of the Year category relieved…

3:43 PM: Tara Nair’s proud moment…

3:49 PM: Runner-ups for Facebook Decorista of the Year out now..

3:54 PM: Celebrating with Facebook Decorista of the Year

3:55 PM: Jury love on the way..

4:02 PM: Decor Twitterati runner-ups are here

4:08 PM Meet Decor Twitterati of the year

4:11 PM: Jayasudha Seenivasan shares her joy

4:11 PM: Unveiling runner-ups for Decor Instagrammer of the Year

4:13 PM: Say hello to Decor Instagrammer of the year…

4:20 PM: Ladies making it big!

4:24 PM: This is our woman!

4:28 PM: Make some noise for the decor boys

4:33 PM: Congratulations Sagar Datta

4:36 PM: Decor Brand Blog of the Year Runner Ups out..

4:39 PM: Address Home steals the show..

4:48 PM: Decor Blogger of the Year runner-ups announced

4:50 PM: A huge round of applause for the Decor Blogger of the Year

4:51 PM: Trumatter’s happy moments

4:57 PM: A big shout out to the runner-ups of Decor Influencer of the Year

With all awards out, we’re calling it a day. Hope to see you next year!