L&T Mutual Funds lets your little one dream higher


L&T Mutual Fund




To promote investment for children’s future to parents & generate leads for L&T Mutual Fund


L&T Mutual Fund’s little dreamer campaign was initiated to persuade people to invest in mutual funds for their child’s future. They promoted their video and the contest on their microsite to garner an organic and inorganic reach. Along with that, the campaign was thoroughly promoted on Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

The brand also conducted a DVC contest for the engagement of the target audience with the entire video and promoted it on social media. There was a contest held for the parents asking them about their childhood dreams and what they ended up becoming.

#ContestAlertDoctor, Lawyer or IT Professional, what did you dream of becoming as a child? Reminisce your younger days…

Posted by L&T Mutual Fund on Thursday, December 24, 2015

These contests aid in engagement with the target audience, which in return connected with the brand.

The content promoted the contest and the video. The brand also experimented with .gifs with pictures of kids and their career choices on growing up.


The campaign managed to create a total of 68,000 leads. On social media, L&T Mutual Fund garnered a total of 1 million video views and 12,760,000 was the digit of total impressions. The brand claims to have a total reach of about 31,90,0000 during the campaign.

The campaign managed to convey a serious message in subtle and fun ways.