Should Periscope be worried of Facebook ‘exploring’ live streaming?


Facebook recently announced that it will let anyone with an iPhone use their live stream feature that was initially only exclusive for a few big celebrities.

After letting them in, it opened the live streaming doors for journalists and public figures through mentions app, then brought on verified pages and finally for all the U.S iPhone users.

With its features familiar to that of Twitter’s Periscope, it will be easier for the users to experiment and fire up their timelines with Facebook’s live stream. Users can choose who they wants to share the live broadcast with, just like another status update and at the end of the broadcast these videos will be saved to the timeline but can be deleted or played back.


According to CEO, Zuckerberg, ‘Video is an important part of the Facebook experience’ also mentioning that more than 100M hours of videos are watched daily through the social media giant.”

After the development of similar apps such as Meerkat and Periscope, Facebook tweaked some of the features and gave their users an option to save their live-video in camera roll for using it on other social network platforms.

Unlike Periscope, Facebook won’t send notifications to all your friends about your live-streaming experience. The user, however, will be notified as to who has viewed the clip. There is no limit for streaming your video but a good internet connection is important.

For now, this feature is only available to the iPhone users in U.S and will be rolled out to the rest of their digital family over the coming weeks.

In India, Facebook live streaming is likely to face stiff competition from Periscope and it’s Indian version – InstaLively.