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Who are we?

Mind & Matter started its journey a few months before Facebook did. In 2003, it started off as a traditional, or what one would refer today as bricks and mortar advertising agency in Kolkata. We had a great time growing with some biggest brands in India. In 2009, we forayed into the world of digital marketing and started providing an integrated solution to our clients. Today, digital marketing is the mainstay of our business with clients across India and few in Australia, Greece and the US.


We have been ranked amongst Top 20 most promising digital marketing companies in India by Silicon India Magazine. Apart from a prominent place in the digital marketing marketplace, we have secured a high rank in page 1 of all relevant keyword searches for digital marketing agencies in India on organic Google search.

What's in the name?

SMM is intrinsically technical or tool-based. The common digital marketing, lost in maze of making numbers and breaking codes, often miss the intellectual component of marketing. With our early grooming in the traditional school of marketing communication, we boast of a balanced blend of intellectual and instrumental ingredients in our delivery of the new-age advertising – a perfect brew of Mind and Matter.

What we do?

We do whatever it takes to make a brand big on the web. If you ask us to be more specific, we would list our weapons as…

Digital Marketing Services & Brand Communication

Digital Marketing: Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Pay per click campaigns, Video Marketing, Email Marketing, Online Reputation Management.

Design Solutions & Development: Creative design, Website design and development, Communication Software and Mobile App.

Why we do it?

In advertising, we are chartered communicators. And we had been doing this since a time before the social media took over the social behaviour. Now you can shout where the crowd is, or you are dumb.

So we tried the expertise of a grand piano on a musical keyboard. Our basic sense of music worked and we have a nice and big audience these days.

How we evolve?

With the constant change in brand development and brand building the necessity to customize the approach is mandatory. Industry research and progressive give us a better understanding about the brand and more strength to strategize the approach. We as a team exchange our views assuming us to be on a neutral platform which gives a bird eye view on the target audience and their related interest segment.

Communication is the key and we customize the communication according to the age segment of the target audience. We try to add on more substances each day on both the pans of the We try to add on more substances each day on both the pans of the balance – ‘mind’ and ‘matter’.

Social responsibility in social media

If we are not being able to participate or donate to a social cause, we can well pitch it to clients and drive more cause-based campaigns. Using various verticals to amplify one message which impacts something which is not on your KPI sheet is also something which every agency must do more and more. Classic examples would be ALS ice bucket challenge internationally and Power Light a Village by Garnier Men in India.

Need of the hour

Client to Digital Agency: We are a startup on a shoestring budget

Client to traditional agency: We want to the best work, don’t worry about costs

Net Takeaway: Stop treating us like the step child. We give you precision targeting, transparency and the millennials. Have some shame. :P

We learned the hard way

A cynic within the team makes you angry but helps you think backwards as well. Result: Hatching better ideas.

Did we just share that?

When we compiled the ‘Funny SMM incidents or amusing experiences with clients’ it became a manuscript for a masterpiece. So we thought we better publish a book on it than to share the fun FOC.

They work with us

Amplifon India, Hitech Mobiles. Prime PMG, Hughes Global Education, Future soft academy, Pantaloons East, Lafarge Cement, Maruti Suzuki East.

Industry as we foresee

With an increase of Social media users especially through mobile devices, we see social media platforms becoming a very integral part of marketing, especially for its interactive nature. This interactivity is going to only increase with time, apart from the big companies, the SME’s don’t take part in heavy interactive based brand building activities that much and are more focused on lead generation, the SME segment needs to capitalize on the power of these platforms for us as an industry to really come out with really innovative campaigns using technology and not just #tag campaigns with contests in it.

A day without Internet

A Day without internet is 48 hours lost for some of us. For the rest, it would be a real social day – as our dictionaries used to mean.

Lastly, are you hiring?


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